About Us

At IMPACT in Waycross, we want to help you make choices that will bring you the greatest success. That’s why we promote abstinence, and we also offer other services from birth control and STD exams to health screening and HIV testing. Our staff is here to help you anytime with any need you have. There is a private entrance for teens to enter IMPACT Teen Center located at the rear of the building. There is also a private teen waiting room.

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More is waiting for you and your friends at IMPACT than just great services. Come be a part of our teen discussions and classes about things that really matters to you – like how to make new friends, get along with others, or choose a career. We also plan cool activities and provide counseling for the times you want to talk. Check out our calendar here!


Forget about yesterday. Your future starts today – with your education. Let’s talk about it. Has high school been on hold for a while? Are you looking ahead to college, but don’t know where to begin? We can help. We’ll give you the information you need to start or finish your GED or complete a college application. Get your future off to a great start!

Life is all about IMPACT! The greatest impact we can have on others is to help them see what they can do and then help them do it.

Hygiene Baskets

We provide hygiene baskets at each visit. Ask us about one today!


At the rear of the building, there is a private entrance for teens to enter IMPACT Teen Center, and there is also a private teen waiting room.