Youth Empowerment Team (YET)

IMPACT Teen Center is proud to invite you to join our new Youth Empowerment Team (YET)!

As our program continues to grow, we have established the Youth Empowerment Team to create an open forum for teens to discuss problems that they are seeing in their schools and communities amongst their peers. The goal of YET is to help teens understand how to be prepared for real-world events by gaining knowledge and having healthy conversations.

By teaching teens through a variety of educational classes and problem-solving exercises, we will provide invaluable information that can lead to making healthy and safe choices in situations they may face in the years to come. Some of the classes we will offer include:

    • Internet Safety
    • College Application and Resume Building


    • Mental Health Awareness and Self-Care
    • Life Skills (e.g., financial literacy, etc.)

The Youth Empowerment Team will have monthly meetings. YET meetings will allow for discussion about any problems teens may see or any ideas they have for the community. There will be a door prize given at every meeting! A ticket will be given to each attendee at check-in. A calendar will be provided with future meeting dates.

Joining our Youth Empowerment Team gives you a voice and the opportunity to be an advocate for other teens in Ware County! Come join us and be a part of something bigger!